I miss fast writing. Not panicked typing, but cautiously frenzied word-crafting after the Sun has set. Unlike at the beginning of lockdown, there is, now, a library I can go to late at night, but I cannot wander it and become as loose as the disparate data and texts I…

Originally published in Studio Scum Volume 1 zine (STUDIO SCUM, 2019). The views of the author have changed since the original publication, but it is presented here in its original form.

Over two thousand years ago, priests in ancient Babylon watched the skies for messages from the Gods that would…

Originally published in Democracy & Social Media (STUDIO SCUM, 2019)

Your grandma doesn’t understand how the internet works, which is how she ended up sharing a link to that fake article about Pope Francis apparently endorsing Donald Trump. You’re younger, savvy, and don’t fall for bullshit like that. You then…

Guerrilla Cosmoi

Thomas Sullivan is an anthropologist of esotericism.

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